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Jelani King
Jelani King
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I had about a year worth of general investment experience before taking the class. I was invested in about 10 companies after being introduced to the stock market by a friend. At this time, I was simply investing in companies that I was familiar with by name, and taking the advice of the people around me. The biggest difference that I feel since I have taken the class is my general understanding of the success "markers" that I should be looking for when researching companies that I am interested in. I heavily relied on the news and investor "tips" to form my understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a company. I now understand where I can go to find information pertaining to companies. I understand what this information MEANS. And I am able to better assess whether the company is something that I should be comfortable putting my money into. I was able to grow the confidence I needed to fully go 100% into the stock market. I no longer feel like there are any barriers to entry, or reasons that I can't commit to investing. This gives me the confidence to invest significantly more money as well, which in turn increases the amount that I can receive in return. Most importantly, I feel like I am able to independently make decisions that are best for me. Since starting the class, I have dropped 3 companies, and invested in 5 additional companies. I was able to understand the flaws in the decisions that I was making, and determine the types of companies that I could rely on long term. Ultimately, I've been rejuvenated by the wealth of information that I've learned from this class. While I am still not a pro, I feel like I have all of the tools I need to go out and take a hold of my future.

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