The Portfolio Builder Project

Do you want to create a diversified investment plan with done for you model portfolios?

The Portfolio Builder Project is an in-depth course which incorporates all the different assets classes into one portfolio. You will be able to confidently create your own portfolio, based on your risk tolerance and long term goals. You will have hundreds of pre-screened investments as well as all the tools to research and select your own investments.

Here is a synopsis of what you can expect

The ten steps to building your wealth-building portfolio

Create your investment strategy and your very own model portfolio

How marriage impact your portfolio and your retirement goals

Understanding your risk tolerance and the role of diversification

You will be able to see mathematically how advisors can eat away at your wealth

Understand the different types of investments, and how each one fits into your wealth-building strategy

Step-by-step walkthrough of different brokerage accounts

Create your investment strategy and your very own model portfolio

Gain in-depth knowledge of the funds in your retirement plans and how to ensure that you are choosing the funds with the highest return and lowest costs



The Data Gathering Questionnaire which is a first step in identifying where you are today and how we can map out where you want to be


Plug and play model portfolio with hundreds to investment options to begin building your own personalized portfolio


The “Retirement My Way” calculator which provides the mathematical calculator of how to achieve your financial freedom goal


Guide to tax advantaged and other retirement accounts​


The Investment Allocation Hierarchy which guides you as an investor about the diversification that you should have in your portfolio


Risk tolerance questionnaire to identify what types of investments are best suited for you

Facebook Community

Achieving your goal is our #1 priority, therefore having a 24/7 community with like minded individuals to strategize and support each other will help stay motivated and get to your goals quicker.​

Bi-weekly Live Q&A

Every two weeks, we hold a live Q&A session to answer all your questions. You will always have access to a recording of each session.

Hi, I' m Tanya Taylor

My Mission is to equip women and families in marginalized communities with the tools to manage bad debt, create wealth, enjoy life and leave a legacy for generations.

There is no straight path to wealth. Everyone's journey is individualized and so is everyone's wealth roadmap!

The Portfolio Builder Project

USD $2,497
Actual Price - USD $3,997

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The Wealth Trifecta

Pay Fully at Once-$1,997
Regular Price -$2,997
$1,100/ 2 Monthly Installments

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The Grow Your Wealth Inner Circle

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The WealthBuilders Circle Accelerator

By Application

This VIP financial coaching program is by application only. It will accelerate your growth from the start by taking all the guesswork out of your journey to financial freedom. You will learn to invest and protect your wealth.

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