The Managing My Money Project

The Managing My Money Project provides all foundational knowledge that you will need to understand personal finance and start managing your money

Inside this course, you will learn everything that you did not learn in school about personal finance, covering budget, debt, credit and different types of investment and retirement accounts. By the end of the course you will have a very good working knowledge of personal finance concepts and actions that you can begin to take to fix your finances.

Here is a synopsis of what you can expect

Why it is critical that you align your budget, credit and debt (The Wealth Trifecta)

How to calculate your net worth

How to prioritize your spending and master your money

The key documents that you need to include in your estate plan

The basics of investing in stocks, bonds and other investment vehicles

The difference between mutual fund, index fund, and exchange traded fund and which one is right for you

Five tips that will help you to start managing credit today

The difference between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA and how to choose the right one

How to navigate investment uncertainty and portfolio rebalancing

Key tax considerations you can start using right now

How to join the ranks of a millionaire (it is not as difficult as you think)



The Family Records Register, which allows you to inventory and categorize all important records. It provides a detailed list of important documents, how and where they should be stored, and who should have copies of what documents


Resources for understanding your student loans to aid in having more meaningful conversations


You will be able to calculate your net worth, so that you know exactly where you are as you map out your financial path forward

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Achieving your goal is our #1 priority, therefore having a 24/7 community with like minded individuals to strategize and support each other will help stay motivated and get to your goals quicker.​

Bi-weekly Live Q&A

Every two weeks, we hold a live Q&A session to answer all your questions. You will always have access to a recording of each session.

Hi, I' m Tanya Taylor

My Mission is to equip women and families in marginalized communities with the tools to manage bad debt, create wealth, enjoy life and leave a legacy for generations.

There is no straight path to wealth. Everyone's journey is individualized and so is everyone's wealth roadmap!

The Managing My Money Project

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Actual Price - USD $997

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The Wealth Trifecta

Pay Fully at Once-$1,997
Regular Price - $2,997
$1,700/ 2 Monthly Installments

This foundational program provides you with all the basics that you will need to jumpstart your personal financial journey. Here you will learn

The Grow Your Wealth Inner Circle

Pay Fully at Once-$3,997
Regular Price - $7,000
$3,997/ 2 Monthly Installments

In this membership, you have mastered the foundations of The Wealth Trifecta, and it is time to being to grow your wealth 10x.

The WealthBuilders Circle Accelerator

By Application

This VIP financial coaching program is by application only. It will accelerate your growth from the start by taking all the guesswork out of your journey to financial freedom. You will learn to invest and protect your wealth.

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