The First Time Home Buyers Project

Ready to avoid all the mistakes when purchasing your first home?

The First Time Home Buyers Project takes you through each step of the home-buying process. You will learn the ins and outs of purchasing your first home, the laws that protect you and some of the key things that you need to do during the process.

Here is a synopsis of what you can expect

The key steps that you must perform prior to start looking for a home, and the different individuals that you should involve early in the process

Why credit really matters, and the cost of a negative credit score over the life of your mortgage

The laws and how you should ensure that you are protected

The many different types of loans and loan terms, and which one may make the most sense for you

Why getting a qualified inspector is so critical to the homebuying process

The offer, counteroffer, and negotiating after an inspection



List of first time homebuyers resources


Key contingencies that you need to have in your contracts to protect yourself


List of all documents that you will need to prepare for the application process

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The First Time Home Buyers Project

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