As an entrepreneur, YOU NEED the right business structure so that you can protect your business and save on taxes

If you want to learn if you have the right business structure, or want to set up your business in a way that will allow you to get the maximum tax benefits?

This course is created just for you!


In this course “Setting Up Your Business The Right Way”, you will be able to set up your business and know the following:

👉The different types of business entities, and the exact business structure for you

👉When and why you would choose an S-corp – it is not right for many people

👉The ins and outs of self employment tax and when to pay

👉Where to establish your business (Is Nevada really the best place – the answer may surprise you!!)

👉The exact steps to set up your LLC

👉What to include in your operating agreement and why its an important part of your business especially if you have more than one owner. 

👉How to obtain your EIN

Free Bonus

👉Creating Your Operating Agreement for free

👉How to determine if you have a business or a hobby


*Price goes up shortly

Protect your business and get the maximum amount of tax benefits.

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