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Tanya began learning personal finance so that she could create wealth
and live the life she loves. After successfully building her retirement to 7 figures, she’s now on a mission to change the lives of one million professionals and business owners by teaching them how to ditch bad debt and create a 6 or 7 figure retirement income by learning how money works without feeling stuck. 

Most financial gurus spend their time focusing on one area, and providing a one size fits all package instead of taking a holistic view of their clients financial picture.Tanya is determined to change this.Tanya has created the Grow Your Wealth financial platform to meet you exactly where you are on your financial journey, regardless of how much you make. She believes that with the tools within the platform, and the ongoing mentoring, you will be able to 10x your wealth, if you make that your goal.

If you take the course, the way you think now, you will not think after…I’m super excited to see what the future holds” is what one of Tanya’s clients said.

Tanya will help you create your 6 or 7 figure retirement portfolio and
help you create generational wealth through her unique coaching strategies and the mix of programs to empower you so that you gain confidence in learning how money works without feeling stuck.

Tanya operates with the highest level of integrity, and has accumulated over 20+ years of experience and has used those same tools to grow her wealth.

Therefore, Tanya only accepts clients that she views as coachable and knows she can help without a doubt.

20+ Years of Trusted Experience

    👉Graduated  college debt free

    👉 Purchased first home at 25

    👉Grew Children’s College Portfolio to $600k+

    👉Grew retirement portfolio to 7 figures

    👉Travel to 50+ countries and 30+ states

     👉Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

     👉MBA – Strategic Management

     👉Certified Financial Education Instructor

     👉Board Certified Credit Counselor

👉Coached individuals, and small businesses on personal finance topics ranging budgeting, credit, debt, investing, tax planning and wealth protection

👉Co-founder and President – Stock Market  Investment Club

👉Founder – Children’s Financial Education Club

👉Co-owner – Tax Practice

👉Auditor of large banks and pension funds, mutual funds, brokerage firms

👉Worked with Traders of large investment banks

👉Analyzed credit and financial statements of banks

👉Write accounting and regulatory policies for of  the world’s largest banks and insurance companies

👉Reviewed and opined on multi-billion dollar deals of  the world’s largest banks and insurance companies 

👉Regulator for largest international banks and insurance companies worldwide


We appreciate you considering working with us through our VIP Wealthbuilders Circle Accelerator, to become unstuck financially.

Ultimately, the purpose of your call with us is to see if we’re a fit to work together. 

If we believe you’re a fit for our community, then we will show you what we can do for you based on your specific situation, and you can decide whether you want to become one of our next success stories.

At this point, you may be asking yourself,

“Will this work for me?”

In order to help you decide about the Wealthbuilders Circle Accelerator is right for you, we have included several testimonials below  from students, and frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Whether or not our program will be a good fit for you, will be determined on the call after we ask some deeper questions but please feel free to check out the reviews!


How Desseanna become debt free in 7 months and started building stock portfolio

How Veronica improved her credit score

How Sandra shifted her mindset to building a business and a personal stock portfolio

Carol’s take on how Tanya teaches in a simplistic manner

Jelani King
Jelani King
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I had about a year worth of general investment experience before taking the class. I was invested in about 10 companies after being introduced to the stock market by a friend. At this time, I was simply investing in companies that I was familiar with by name, and taking the advice of the people around me. The biggest difference that I feel since I have taken the class is my general understanding of the success "markers" that I should be looking for when researching companies that I am interested in. I heavily relied on the news and investor "tips" to form my understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of a company. I now understand where I can go to find information pertaining to companies. I understand what this information MEANS. And I am able to better assess whether the company is something that I should be comfortable putting my money into. I was able to grow the confidence I needed to fully go 100% into the stock market. I no longer feel like there are any barriers to entry, or reasons that I can't commit to investing. This gives me the confidence to invest significantly more money as well, which in turn increases the amount that I can receive in return. Most importantly, I feel like I am able to independently make decisions that are best for me. Since starting the class, I have dropped 3 companies, and invested in 5 additional companies. I was able to understand the flaws in the decisions that I was making, and determine the types of companies that I could rely on long term. Ultimately, I've been rejuvenated by the wealth of information that I've learned from this class. While I am still not a pro, I feel like I have all of the tools I need to go out and take a hold of my future.

About The Wealth Builders Circle Accelerator

YES! This program is designed to meet you exactly where you are. So if you have no financial knowledge it is perfect for you, because you will start with the basics. If you want to increase your streams of income, and protect your wealth, then you should focus on the invest and growth and wealth protection prong.  

No! You will have full access to all the courses, and we work together to design a roadmap so that you know exactly where you should be focused to get the best results.

Absolutely! In fact, our program is specifically designed for someone who may be feeling stuck financially because they are struggling from negative credit or bad debt. You will learn how to increase your credit score while paying off your bad debt and then move into creating different streams of income, including learning how to invest and understand how to better manage the investments in your retirement accounts

YES! There are multiple live coaching calls each week with Tanya and her team. They range between 1-2 hours long (depending on how much time is needed to answer every question). You will have experts to access and help you in your business.

TWCA is a coaching program that comes with an online training program that teaches you how to ditch bad debt and create a 6 or 7 figure retirement income by learning how money works, without the anxiety and frustration and trial and errors. You will have weekly calls to answer your questions.  
       This online component teaches you what to do and how to do it, and the coaching calls help you maintain your momentum if you get stuck or need help along the way.

YES! Tanya and her team will answer questions, review issues and help you in areas where you might be stuck. However, you will need to be accountable for implementation and asking questions when you get stuck.

YES! The time to get coaching from Tanya is on his weekly group call! However, she does respond in the FB Group and in the chat to answer questions as well. You will also be able to email confidential questions to her at

 All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded within 48 hours into the membership area 

Not all students attend all calls, so the number of attendees will vary, but we will ensure that we answer your questions.

The program is designed to get you from where you are to your next goal milestone. For beginners it may take 6-9 months, however for more advanced students it may take 3-6 months. It will all be determined by your schedule.  Tanya and her team will keep you accountable to working through the program. 

You will have a year of coaching, and access to the program for as long as the company exist, and we have no plans of going anywhere!

This is a high-level business coaching program which is curated with all the different courses  that can take someone from poverty to a millionaire in a very short time. It includes courses that teaches you the foundations of wealth building, and expands into courses that covers investing and creating and growing your own business, and lastly provides wealth building and tax planning strategies to ensure that you not just build wealth, but that you pass it on to future generations. 
   So if you want to learn from someone who has come from extreme poverty and had to invest in the highest level of knowledge, and has been successful in growing her wealth to multiple 7 figures, then this is definitely the program for you.

No, absolutely no part of this program is dripped out. This is a premium program, and premium programs do not drip out content. However, we continuously update our program with new content. 

No worries. We have created the program so that anyone can understand and implement the content. We take complex jargon and make them easy to understand. We also provide plug and play swipe files so that you are not creating anything from scratch. All you need to do is copy and make them your own.

The only way to be sure that this program is a fit for you and that you are a fit for this program is to hop on a call and discuss your situation to see if we are a fit. Tanya and her team are deliberate about who joins the program, and therefore we will not work with you if we do not believe you are a fit. We continue to strive for a high success rate, and therefore will only work with people that we believe we are able to help. The only way to know that is to book a call with our team.


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