"We are Looking For A Few More Clients Who Are Ready
To Stop Their Financial Struggle And Start Creating A Better Life"

If that’s you, my team and I want to personally help you to take the next step to financial freedom over next few months

Watch this short video to learn how we can help you to transform your finances…

So, are you ready to design a custom-tailored Financial Plan using the same system that my clients and I have used.. so you can stop the anxiety, and start creating a financial legacy, without the guesswork?

12 Months Of Premium Financial Coaching

Is This You?

We are looking for women, small business owners and families who meets any combination of the following:

👉 Are ready to stop self sabotage and start shifting their mindset to one of wealth

👉 Want to create and maintain good credit

👉 Want to stop overspending and get out of debt

👉 Want to have a clear goals of how much they need to retire and how to start building generational wealth for their loved ones

👉 Want to be a part of the great wealth transfer that is happening in the stock market

👉 Want to start generating extra income

We are here to help. 

Unlike many programs, that offer only one piece of the solution, we want to help you to grow holistically in all areas of your finances

If you are just tired of the financial rut that you are in and are ready to change your life and that of your family, and you are looking for a proven and uncomplicated way to grow your wealth, click the button below and apply now. 

Let's Have a Candid Conversation About Whether This Program Is The Right Fit For You...

Before starting Tanya’s class I had little to no knowledge of the stock market or how to invest in it, all I knew was the concept of buying low, selling high. As I progressed through the class my knowledge grew and grew and I have become more confident in my ability to understand the market and the investing procedure. I’ve found myself researching and looking at stocks on a daily basis something I would never have done previously. I have now taken the knowledge that this class has given me to invest in a few stocks and I plan to invest in a lot more in the future.
I enjoyed the course thoroughly!

We will provide the foundation of budgeting, debt and credit, then we teach you to invest and then show you how to create wealth building and tax planning strategies to last for generations

Regardless of your current financial situation, or your income, you can change your financial future!

Everything is included in the GROW YOUR WEALTH COMMUNITY to create those changes.

At the end of the program you will have: 

Wealth Growth

Know exactly what strategies to use to invest and grow your wealth and identified other sources of generating income, if that is your desire.

A Healthy Relationship With Your Money

You will know that you have the ability to change your life by changing the way you think about and spend your money.

A Strong Financial Foundation 

You will have developed practical and beneficial habits around budgeting and managing debt and if you had negative credit, will be on your way to a healthy credit score.

You can choose to do nothing, or continue to try to do it on your own, and find yourself years down the line in the same position or worst off 


Invest in yourself and work with an expert who have been down this road and helped many others to create a path that will forever change their financial future.

I am betting on you that you empower yourself  to create the ability to transform your life and that of your family…

Take the first step by applying below 

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